FAQ Make-up Academy

Everyone can join us, whether you are a make-up grouch, housewife or professional. Each learning module is guaranteed to be a pleasant challenge and a lot of fun, bringing you closer to your personal goals in the world of make-up. Nevertheless, it is important that you are a make-up enthusiast. The online make-up academy has been specially designed to introduce you step by step to the test in Mannheim. Modern learning videos and intensive support make this possible. No matter where you are in the world you can learn, all you need is Internet access. Let our instructors inspire you and enjoy the professionalism and motivation of the learning modules.

The advanced training to become a make-up artist with IHK certificate takes six months online. We think there are far too many dusty "makeup schools" that don't properly teach the learning content. We want your commitment for six months, during which you really get started and attend our online academy. After that, you come once to Mannheim and take the test of the make-up artist with IHK certificate.

FAQ Final test

The test will take place approximately 6 months after the start of your training. The exact date will be communicated to you in time by email.

The test takes place at the Reza Shari Make-up Academy or the Reza Shari House of Beauty. The location will be announced in our WhatsApp group. It is recommended to arrange the journey to Mannheim and accommodation early if necessary. On the test day we will provide drinks and snacks for you.

Different themes are offered, you choose one of them. By telling you the theme in advance, we give you the opportunity to practice the makeup look as often as possible. Be aware that this is a great advantage for you to take advantage of. Time it so you know if you are staying within the 60-90 minute time frame.

It is your task to organize a model on whom you can practice. This person will then also be your model on the test day itself. To present your results on the test day, you should prepare a 5-7 minute presentation. You can do this with a PowerPoint presentation. Be creative!

We start with the theory. This takes about 90 minutes and contains about 25 questions. Some of them are multiple-choice, others you have to answer freely. All questions are already known to you from the workbook. Prepare yourself with this as intensively as possible.

The practical test also takes place simultaneously for all participants. Here you have, as mentioned before, about 60 - 90 minutes time. The application technique and the make-up look will be evaluated in combination by the examiners. Hair and outfit of your model can be adjusted in advance. These are not explicitly evaluated, but contribute to the overall appearance. During the practice you do not have time to do your model's hair. Please keep this in mind. The result will be presented at the end of the session.

IMPORTANT!!! Without identification you will not be able to participate in the test. Without exception! Admissible documents are your identity card, a driving licence or your passport.

Bring your own materials to the test. You are already familiar with your own products and know how to use them (if necessary, materials are available in the Academy).

Cell phones are forbidden during the entire test!!! Accompanying persons (models excluded) are not allowed on the test day. Pets are also not allowed.

Make-up is an art!! There are no limits to your creativity in the individual themes and looks. Freestyle is the order of the day!!! It is part of the test to judge for yourself and to decide which colours and intensity of make-up are appropriate.

The results are announced approx. 2-4 weeks after the test and sent by mail together with the certificates. Our test evaluation is based on a point system. This means that examinees must achieve a certain number of total points in order to pass.

After a successful graduation, you will receive a Reza Shari Make-up Artist certificate as well as an IHK Make-up Artist certificate. You can pick it up at our place, but it will also be sent to you on request.

In case you do not pass, the Academy will contact you to discuss all further steps with you. There is a chance to repeat the test. Be sure...with a good organization and preparation you will pass the test without any problems.